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Health Information Exchange Adoption: Driving End-User Value Beyond Implementation

Complimentary Webinar Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adopting and operationalizing Health Information Exchange (HIE) capabilities is what drives clinical, operational, and financial value for the HIE and its stakeholders. A Free webinar is offered for end-user adoption which includes examples of practical experience applicable both with the public and private HIE initiatives.

  • Understand key considerations in developing end-user adoption strategies
  • Review major components of an adoption strategy
  • Discuss lessons learned and firsthand experience from developing and executing end-user adoption strategies
  • Review approaches to assessing value from both the HIE and end-user perspectives

For more information click the link: http://www.medtechwebinars.com/registration/webinar/health-information-exchange-adoption-driving-end-user-value-beyond?affiliatedata=himssemail

Featured Speakers

Michael Rosenblum, PharmD
Clinical Executive
InterSystems Corporation

Scott Momrow, MPH
Vice President of Marketing and Outreach

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