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What is Attestation?

Check BoxAn Eligible Provider (EP) must attest to all 15 Core Measures of the Meaningful Use Stage 1 requirements in order to qualify for stimulus money. Core Measure #15 requires that Providers complete a series of activities, both initial and follow-on. It is important to note that there is no exclusion from Core Measure #15, that is, it is not an optional or excludable component of the attestation. Eligible professionals (EPs) must attest Yes to having conducted or reviewed a risk analysis in accordance with the requirements under 45 CFR 164.308(a)(1) and implemented security updates as necessary and corrected identified security deficiencies prior to or during the EHR reporting period to meet this measure. It is worth noting that Stage 2’s proposed requirements continue to reinforce the importance of Privacy and Security. All providers must achieve meaningful use under the Stage 1 criteria before moving to Stage 2.

RISC Management and Consulting can assist organizations, including medical practices and hospitals alike in performing a risk analysis, understanding the results, determining appropriate remediation steps, and managing security functions on an ongoing basis. RISC was founded by individuals with an extensive healthcare background so we understand your business and the unique challenges it presents!

There is serious risk in attesting to meeting every requirement for Core Measure #15 if you haven’t taken the process seriously. However, with some work and help from the professionals at RISC, you can meet or exceed every requirement for Meaningful Use and help your practice run safer and smoother!

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